Statement of intent

Well, it begins with a call to action.

This is a call to get out of our comfort zones. To challenge misogyny where and when we see it. To not participate in it in order to deflect it away from ourselves. To question our assumptions about what we may or may not have internalised. And to ultimately be nicer to each other.

Using primitive game mechanics (i.e. leaderboards) to encourage behavior is a pretty old tactic. The intent is to tie desired behavior to positive reinforcement: do what we want you to do, receive points.

In many cases, this gets people chasing scores for as long as they're interested in the game; the desired behavior is a side effect. If the game does not enforce powerful enough constraints (can we verify that the point was correctly awarded?) then this mechanism can also wander astray.

But it's worth a shot, because it's an action, not just a call to one. Certainly it's better than the academic antipattern of arguing about connotation and subsequent meta-wankery.